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Injuries and Illness

Our Board Certified ER physicians are ready to treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses for adults and children. We are equipped to handle many medical needs that are normally treated in an emergency room. Some of the services that we provide include:



-Laceration repair (includes sutures and tetanus vaccination)

-Minor fractures and dislocation treatments (includes X-Ray and splinting)

-Sprain and contusion of bones and muscles

-Foreign body removal from the skin and eyes

-Skin abscess drainage

-Nail removal and repair

-Skin tag and wart removal

-Nose bleed (including cauterization and packing)

-Burn treatment

-Animal bites (including Tetanus)

-Joint fluid removal

-Cortisone injections

-Foley catheter insertion for bladder obstruction

-Skin Infections and rashes (including IV antibiotic)

-Allergic reactions (including IV injection)

-Asthma treatment (including nebulizers and injections)

-Hemorrhoid treatment

-Pneumonia (including Chest X-Ray and IV treatment)

-Sinusitis, bronchitis, Upper Respiratory Infections treatments

-Sore throat (including rapid Strep, Tonsillitis,  Mononucleosis)

-Urinary tract infection (including urine test)

-Cornea scratch and foreign body

-Migraine headache (including medication injection)

-Flu (includes rapid flu test)

-Ear infection and foreign body removal

-STD testing, cholesterol, diabetic testing, thyroid tests

-Dehydration (including IV fluid hydration)


·         If you are experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, please call 911 and proceed to the hospital right away.